Parcel of Death Podcast with Gaongalelwe Tiro

Listen to a chat between Sewela Langeni of Book Circle Capital with Gaongalelwe Tiro, the author of Parcel of Death - the biography of Onkgopotse Abram Tiro. Parcel of death is a critical body of work in South Africa's history, chronicling the life of Onkgopotse Tiro and those who walked the journey with him towards the liberation of black people in South Africa anchored on the principles of Black Consciousness.

What am I thinking podcast with Tshepo Langa

Listen to an insightful discussion with Tshepo Langa the author of "What am I thinking" - The ADI Model. Tshepo is a personal development coach, leadership consultant, educator and coach. The book is a short and sharp read that can be read in one seating. It is filled with wisdom based on the author's personal experience, theories from renowned authors such as Dr John Tibane, biblical and scientific principles. The goal of the book is to encourage the reader to be intentional in their thinking in order to be more creative and productive.