August has become affectionately known as #WomensMonth, a time of the year when South Africans celebrate the bravery of the women of 1956 and beyond. The whole month will see all sorts of commemoration of Women in various industries. As Book Circle Capital we join in the fray of celebrating women by showcasing some of the latest books by Women that have piqued our interest.




Edited by Sue Nyati, When Secrets Becomes Stories is an extraordinary collection of stories by brave women who reclaim their power and summon the courage in others to do the same. Women from different walks of life speak out and show how chillingly common male violence against women is. Some of the contributors include Lorraine Sithole, Desiree-Anne Martin, UCT vice-chancellor Mamokgethi Phakeng, Shafinaaz Hassim, Cathy Park Kelly and Olivia Jasriel. Published by Jonathan Ball.



Female Fear Factory is the much anticipated follow up to the 2016 Sunday Times Alan Paton Award winner Rape: A South African Nightmare. The Author Pumla Dineo Gqola explains that the Female Factory threatens women, mostly to remind us that nothing belongs to us, not even our bodies, neither in private or public spaces. In true Pumla Gqola style, the book fuses both intellectual rigour and extensive research. Published by Melinda Ferguson Books



In You Have Struck A Rock: Women fighting for their power in South Africa, Gugulethu Mhlungu examines how history has shaped the conditions women face today. She also considers the impact of pass laws, land dispossession, racial discrimination and gender-based violence. She concludes that there is still plenty of work to be done in making real the South Africa imagined by the Constitution. Published by Kwela Books.



Andile Gaelesiwe Remembering is a memoir about one of South Africa’s most recognisable TV personality whom we have watched from being a young girl to a grown woman on TV. In the book, Andile opens up about her childhood and family background. As an 11-year-old child, she was forced to grow up facing betrayal and sexual violence. Her story is a deep inspiration showing her will and love for music. Published by Tafelberg.



If You Save Me is a sweeping story by Lisa-Anne Julien that asks what you would sacrifice to save another. In London, surgeon Carl Kleinhans hopes for possible redemption through a risky living donor liver transplant. His patient, an alcoholic, is relying on his estranged Trinidadian son to be the donor. But while saving others, Carl feels his relationship deteriorate amidst buried memories and lies. Meanwhile, at Carl’s childhood home in South Africa, young Promise is aware of things being spoken of in hushed tones. Published by Kwela Books.



Hijackers on Board is a very personal state capture story that shows how the bravery of one individual can change the course of history. When Cynthia Stimpel was appointed Group Treasurer of South African Airways, she thought she had found her dream job, and that she would be at SAA for years. She put it all on the line when she tipped Treasury about a dirty deal between SAA and BNP Capital. She paid the price for speaking up: she lost her job, her income and her reputation. Published by Tafelberg.