Loose Ties




A few weeks before her wedding, Angolan-born, Portugal-residing Vitoria is a runaway bride to an Angola she has no memory of. Desperate to connect with the mother she never knew, she establishes her base for her search at the home of a family friend who, with her twin daughters, introduce her to the three Luandas. A Luanda for the rich and powerful who are above the rules. Another Luanda for the aspirational middle-class who are flattered by any proximity to the rich and powerful. And yet another for the povo doing what they can to eke out a living in a city that sees them but chooses to ignore them. And what does the commanding, over-cologned, poetry-reciting General Zacarias Vindu know about her mother, a former Angolan independence cadre? A radio announcement in the presence of a new friend will lead her from Luanda to Huambo where her journey will take unexpected turns and where her questions are answered.