tambo lenyoka enduring friendship-olof Palme and Thabo Mbeki


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Much has been written about Oliver Reginald Tambo, by diverse writers and from different perspectives. Lindiwe Mabuza, who spent much of her life in the service of the South African struggle, now presents us with a unique look into his life with an anthology of poems and writings about him and two of the men with whom he shared a special relationship and bond: Olof Palme whom he regarded as a brother and Thabo Mbeki whom he regarded as a son.Many can testify to the affinity between OR and Thabo Mbeki but the bond between OR and the late Swedish prime minister, Olof Palme, is less well known. On 28 February 1986, just a week after the last time Olof Palme and Oliver Tambo were together on the occasion of the Swedish People’s Parliament Against Apartheid, Palme was shot and killed on the streets of Stockholm.