Boitumelo Mothupi is an educator and a writer from Lehurutshe in the North West. She is passionate about developing children’s critical thinking and creative writing skills. She holds a Bachelor of education degree(Bed) and is currently in the process of obtaining her postgraduate diploma in the psychology of education. She strives to educate the younger generation to understand themselves and make sense of the world they live in.

“I wrote the story in order to address the lack of critical thinking skills we often come across in communities, schools and church settings”, said Boitumelo. In an everyday social context, we are faced with situations whereby we are given knowledge and information which we are not often allowed to question or criticise. Then you find a child who is curious and bold enough to question knowledge and ideas which are normally accepted as truth. And because this is not the norm, society will then attack and silence the child in an effort to render them “normal”.

“I, therefore, wanted this story to shine a light on the inquisitive little minds so that parents can understand them better and hopefully assist them in growing their little minds through independent reading and research in order for them to reach their full potential”, she concluded.

Join us Saturday 4 September 2021 for a reading of this beautiful book from 11:00 – 12:00 with Boitumelo at Book Circle Capital in Melville 27 Boxes. Email us at for more information.